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Concorso internazionale di musica

Cappuccilli · Patané · Respighi

Regulations: Singing

  1. The competition accepts opera singers of both genders and of any nationality, and has no age limits. The candidates born before the 1st of January 1957 will be put in the Silver Category. The competition accepts a limited number of candidates at each location. The applications are accepted in order of their date of receipt.
  2. No specific diplomas are requested; each and every candidate will be assessed according to their vocal quality and their artistic and general performance.
  3. The following is to be specified in the application: the vocal repertoire and the titles of 4 arias (in at least 2 languages) at the candidate’s choice, sung by heart and in the original language. The candidate must present one aria at his/her choice including recitative - aria - cabaletta. Photocopies of arias that are not of the usual repertoire must be sent with the application form.
  4. Candidates who intend to participate must send in a correctly completed application, together with a photocopy of their identification document and the proof of their registration payment of Euro 75,00 (seventy five/00).
  5. The application must be received by the 8th November 2014 (Chicago/NY: 10 July 2014) at the following address: “Concorso internazione musica per la solidarietà” - c/o ANAP-Confartigianato - via San Giovanni in Laterano, 152 - 00184 ROMA - ITALIA (Fax: 06/77079924 - e-mail:
  6. Candidates will be informed by phone, fax or email by the competition secretary about when he/she has to present him/herself at the preliminary phase at the location chosen by them.
  7. The organization will arrange a pianist to accompany the candidates. Candidates may bring their own accompanist at their own expense.
  8. The Jury will consist of artistic directors, opera singers, music critics and other personalities of the international music scene. Each member of the jury will put in writing any relationship they might have with the candidates.
  9. At the eliminatory phase the candidates must present an identification document and a copy of the arias they intend to sing.
  10. The competition, in every place, will be structured as follows:
  11. One eliminatory round behind closed doors. Each candidate is obliged to sing an opera composition at his/her choice consisting of recitative - aria - cabaletta
  12. A semi-final round open to the public with all candidates who successfully passed the eliminatory round
  13. A final round, in which a maximum of 10 finalists will perform in concert, in the presence of the Jury, local authorities and personalities of the Italian art scene and the public.

The jury may interrupt the candidate at any time.
The verdict of the jury is final and irrevocable.


Silver Category:

One week’s vacation for two persons in a luxurious vacation resort, sponsored and organized by the Italian National Confartigianato.

All Finalists will receive an Honorary Diploma and a Finalists’ Incentive. The winners will be invited to participate to the winners’ concert in Grosseto, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra “Città di Grosseto” (all expenses will be paid by the organization).

The winners and the most promising finalists may be engaged to perform in opera festivals and concerts at Italian and international level.

Piero Cappuccilli
Ottorino Respighi
Giuseppe Patané